Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft From Plastic Bottle

Plastic Bottle Organizer : Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft From Plastic Bottle!


We have ample of plastic bottles of cold drinks, juices etc. in our home. We frequently throw these bottles in the trash. However, there are some amazing ways to use the plastic bottles in an interesting and useful way. We can make some cool storage boxes or DIY crafts using which, you can decorate store all your tiny belongings. Today, we will make a stunning small Plastic Bottle Organizer with a zipper.

Plastic Bottle Organizer

So let’s learn to make a small and interesting plastic bottle craft!

Things You Need To Make The Plastic Bottle Craft

Things You Need To Make DIY Organizer

  • Huge plastic bottle
  • Bag zip
  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Stapler
  • Decorative beads
  • Decorative lace and pearls
  • Bead
  • Laces
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative Tape

Steps You Need To Follow To Make A Plastic Bottle Organizer

Step 1-

Plastic Bottle Organizer

Plastic Bottle DIY Organizer

Take the huge plastic bottle and cut it from the top and bottom. Use a cutter and divide the bottle into 3 parts. We will use the upper and bottom part of the bottle and will throw the center part. First of all, we will seal this top and bottom of the bottle with the bag zipper. Open the zip and apply glue on both the sides of the zip if you have very strong glue.

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Step 2-

Plastic Bottle Organizer DIY Craft

If the adhesive does not stick, you can staple the zip with the bottle. Staple the bottom part of the zip with the bottom of the bottle while the top of the zip with the top of the bottle. Now you can easily open and close the bottle with zipper. Now, to hide the stapler pins, we will decorate the zip with a decorative lace. Thus, apply some glue on the zip and stick a decorative lace on it. Stick the lace on the top and bottom zips and let it get dry.

Step 3-

Organizer From Plastic Bottle

Also, cover the interior part of the staplers, stick the decorative tape on the top and bottom of the bottle. Now, close the zip to decorate the bottle perfectly. Start with decorating the lid of the bottle. Take a lace, apply glue on the lid and stick the lace. Stick a huge circular decorative stone on the top of the lead using glue.

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Step 4-

Now, take the decorative beads and stick the beads above and bottom of the lace and frame the lace with the golden beads. Stick pearls and decorative beads randomly on the top and bottom of the bottle. You can choose colorful as well as single colored beads. You can also try something awesome using these beads and decorate the bottle.

DIY Organizer From Plastic Bottle

With this, our small and decorative storage bottle ready. You can store little things in the bottle. Especially, you can use it in your study room. Place your staplers, glue and office tools in this bottle. You can also use it for storing your hair accessories, small jewelry pieces and stuff in this small box.

Try this amazing DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer and sharpen your DIY skills!

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