Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Flower Vase

Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Flower Vase!


Flowers are beautiful and the bunch of flowers can simply spread freshness and elegance in the home. Especially, when the flowers are placed into beautiful vases, the look and charm of flowers get increased. Nowadays, when we move into the market for purchasing vases, it’s hard to find out beautiful vases which are cheap and budget friendly.

As a solution, we have an interesting DIY flower vase tutorial which will help you build your custom-made flower vase which you can decorate with fresh flowers! This is a traditional, beautiful and easily made flower vase which gets ready in 5 minutes.

DIY Flower Vase

Lets’ go through the tutorial for making a beautiful flower vase

Things You Need To Make A Flower Vase

Things You Need To Make A Flower Vase

  • Pen
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative lace
  • Beads and pearls
  • Colours and brushes
  • Plastic bottle lid
  • CD
  • Plastic bottle

Steps You Need To Perform To Make A DIY Flower Vase

Step 1: Trim the plastic bottle and prepare the base

DIY Flower Vase Decor

We will make the base using plastic bottle thus, take a plastic bottle and cut the base of this bottle. We will use the upper part of the bottle to prepare the base of the vase.  On a plastic lid, place the lid of the plastic bottle and draw a circle using the pencil. With the help of the cutter, cut this small circle from the lid. Fix this lid to the bottle’s neck. Now take a CD and place the bottle with a lid on the CD. Stick the lid and bottle with the CD using a glue gun.

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Step 2: Stick tissue papers on the bottle

DIY Flower Vase Home Decor

Now it’s time to cover up the bottle. Thus take a bowl, add some adhesive, glue and water. Using a brush, mix all these items and prepare a thick paste. Apply glue to the bottle using the brush and start sticking tissue papers on the bottle. Place the tissue papers and brush some glue to let the papers stick. Cover everything from top to bottom with tissue papers and glue.

Step 3: Apply blue and white shades to the bottle

DIY Flower Vase Table Decor

When the glue and tissue paper gets dry, apply white colour on the entire piece. Cover each and every corner and let it get dry. This way, you will get a perfectly shaped white vase ready. Now take a bowl and pour blue colour. With a brush, apply blue colour on the entire vase. Start colouring with light blue shade and then add dark blue shade to make it look more bright and pretty. You can also create a shading effect with the base of dark blue shade, the middle portion with light blue and top with white.

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Step 4: Decorate the vase with beads and pearls

Flower Vase Table DIY Decor

When the vase is fully coloured, take the beads, pearls and laces to decorate the vase. Take the golden ribbon and stick it on the top and base of the vase using the glue gun. Surround the vase with this golden lace. Below the golden lace, stick the pearl lace using the glue gun. Surround the vase with the second layer of this pearl lace.

Step 5: Prepare some interesting décor and give finishing touch

DIY Flower Vase

Let’s make something decorative on our own. Take medium sized pearl and wrap a small golden bead lace around the pearl. Use glue to stick the lace around the pearl. Stick these random pearls on the vase and surround the pearls with golden beads lace. This will simply look flawless!

Best Out Of Waste Craft Flower Vase

Place some fresh, artificial and colourful flowers in this amazing vase and decorate your living room table with this beautiful centrepiece! You can place this in your gallery décor, in your living room table, bedroom or dining room table for an impressive look.

Try some beautiful stones and décor items on this vase and make some unique flower vase designs. Share your experience with us right here!

Happy crafting!

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