Popsicle Sticks Basket Craft : How To Make Easy Best Out of Waste DIY Basket?


We have ample of DIY craft ideas prepared from Popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are multi-use and can be innovatively used for making some interesting and useful crafts. Today, we are going to make a very useful and fancy storage craft from ice cream sticks. This small Popsicle sticks basket can be used anywhere in the home for different purposes. So let’s learn to make a decorative and small storage basket from Popsicle sticks!

Things You Need To Make A DIY Basket using Popsicles

  • Ice Cream Sticks
  • Thermocol Sheet
  • Printed Sheets
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Glue Gun
  • Adhesive
  • Divider Tool

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Steps You Need To Follow To Make A Popsicle Sticks Basket

Step 1-

Let’s start with the thermocol sheet. Take a thermocol sheet, ruler and divider tool and draw a circle of the 8cm radius on the sheet. Take a cutter and cut the circle from the sheet. Now, apply adhesive all over the circle and spread it using cardboard piece. Take the printed sheet and stick it on the circle.

Step 2-

Take a scissor and trim the remaining printed sheet from the circle. Let the sheet dry and then take the Popsicle sticks. Now, on half sticks, take the measurement of 7cm length while on the other sticks, take the measurement of 8cm. this is to create an up-down fencing pattern on the basket.

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Step 3-

Take a printed sheet and mark the measurement of the 6cm strip. Using a cutter cut the strip. Make another 6cm strip and cut it using a cutter. Merge these two strips using adhesive. Take a scissor and cut all the sticks as per drawn measurements. Once, all the sticks are ready, we will stick these sticks to the 6cm long strip we made, one by one. Stick all the sticks one by one in the small and large pattern. Arrange 1 7cm and another 8cm stick and continue.

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Step 4-

Once all the sticks are done, we will apply this strip to the circle. Thus, take the circle, apply adhesive or glue on the base of the circle and stick this strip in it. Now, we will decorate the outer portion of the basket. Thus take a decorative lace and stick it in the bottom portion of the basket using glue.

And hey! Your amazing decorative basket is ready to use! This is such a fancy and pretty decorative basket which you can place in your living room or drawing room as a small storage basket or as a decorative piece!

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