Balloon Flower Vase Home Decoration

DIY Handmade Flower Vase Craft Decoration from Balloons!


Watch How to make DIY Flower Vase from Balloons

Shocked! But its true! Now you don’t need to run for purchasing the costly flower vase from the shops as you can easily make them at home on your own. Again, you don’t even have to look for hard to find things for making the vase. It is quite easy and simple.

So, here is how you can make this beautiful flower vase using balloons.

Things you would need

  • Balloon
  • Tissue paper
  • Plastic bottle
  • Sand
  • Glue and water
  • Paintbrush and painting colors
  • Cutter, scissors, and marker
  • Bunch of plastic flowers


Step 1: Take a balloon and blow it long. Take some tissue papers and tear them in uneven shapes.

Step 2: Take some glue and water and apply it to the balloon using a paint brush. Stick the pieces of tissue paper on the balloon. Add some glue if required on the tissue paper. Give 3 to 4 layers of tissue papers. Make sure you cover the complete balloon this way.

DIY Handmade Flower Vase Craft Decoration from Balloons

Step 3: When dry, take some sand in a bowl. Apply glue on the balloon and cover it with sand from top to bottom. For better results, divide the balloon vase into small parts for proper sand sticking.

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Step 4: Allow the sand to dry and settle properly on the balloon.

Step 5: When dry, take white color paint and start painting the sand completely.

Step 6: When the paint dries, cut the opening of the balloon and using a pencil, draw the opening of the flower vase. Cut it off using a cutter. Remove the exhausted balloon from inside.

Flower Vase Craft Decoration from Balloons

Step 7: Take a plastic bottle and cut out its opening curve using a cutter. Placing the marker on the sand vase, make a circular mark on the bottle opening and again cut the bottle. This would give you the lower stand to place the sand vase on.

Handmade Flower Vase Craft Decoration from Balloons

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Step 8: Using glue gun stick the plastic bottle below the flower vase. Again, apply some glue on the plastic stand and cover it using tissue papers cut in different random sizes.

Handmade Flower Vase Craft from Balloons

Step 9: Cut the unwanted tissue papers from the vase base. And start with the painting.

Step 10: Firstly, paint the stand of the flower vase with dark blue color. Then color the sand vase in blue color. Give a dark to a light shade of blue as you move upwards while painting the vase.

Step 11: Take your favorite colors to make floral designs on the vase to give it a decorative look. ( You can use different colors to make different designs over the painted flower vase)

DIY Handmade Flower Vase Craft Decoration

Step 12: Place a bunch of decorative plastic flowers in the vase.

DIY Flower Vase Craft Decoration from Balloons

There you go! Isn’t it looking beautiful! This is surely the best way to decorate your home using homemade flower vase with things that are easy to get.

So, have you made any artificial decorative flower vase using a balloon? If no, why not give it a try!

Happy Crafting!

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