How to Make Stylish Handmade Purse Using Cardboard?


Are you crazy about colourful purses? Do you keep looking out for a purse that matches your attire for an evening party or a wedding? If you are the one who loves to go out, with a matching handbag or handmade purse you would definitely need to have a cupboard full of purses. Rest assured, you no longer need to buy those expensive purses available in the market. You can have as many as purses you want by making them at home. Yes, all you need is a few raw materials that are easily available at your home or a stationary store.

Stylish Handmade Purse

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Wondering how to make a stylish handmade purse using cardboard? Following are the materials used and a step to step process to make a handmade purse right in the comfort of your home.

Materials Required

Diy cardboard craft handmade purse

  • Cardboard
  • Colour paper (your choice of colour)
  • Printed paper
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Decorative lace
  • Colourful pearls of your choice
  • Velcro
  • Beads
  • Glue Gun

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Procedure To Make a Handmade Purse Using Cardboard

Step 1: Mark the dimensions of 4cm, 5cm, 9cm and draw lines of these measurements on the cardboard.

Step 2: Cut the outer layer un-marked dimensions, using a cutter.

Step 3: Run the cutter lightly on the marked dimensions of the cardboard without cutting. This will enable easy folding of the cardboard. Mark two dimensions again adjacent to the earlier markings and run the cutter lightly on the marked dimensions to create a double fold on each side.

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Step 4: Now take another cardboard, and cut the dimensions of 4cm, 9cm, and 15 cm.

Step 5: Join the two cardboard pieces by pasting one flap of 4cm dimension with another of the same dimension from the other piece of cardboard.


Step 6: Now take the joined cardboard as a stencil and mark the boundaries of the cardboard on to a paper.

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Step 7: Mark the dimensions of 1cm, 9cm, 4cm, and 9cm consequently in the same order on the paper using a ruler.

Step 8: Lightly run the cutter on the markings without cutting. This enables easy folding. Following which make cuts on the marked dimensions of paper.


Step 9: Apply glue and paste the cut cardboard piece on the paper. Wrap the edges of the cardboard with the paper.


Step 10: Cut another colour paper measuring 13.5 cm wide. Paste the coloured paper on the region where the cardboard is exposed. Follow the cardboard folding to get the correct shape.


Step 11: Cut 2 pieced of the same colour paper measuring 21*8 cm. Fold the paper at the edges to make creases. Now make folds to make creases like a fan. Do the same with both pieces of paper.

Step 12: Now using the same colour paper cut 4 pieces measuring 13.5*8 cm.


Step 13: Paste and join all the pieces of paper on the crease folded pieces of paper. Keep the folded creases paper on the edges and the plain paper at the centre and paste using a glue stick. By pasting the 4 pieces, you will get 4 compartments like a purse.


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Step 14: Now paste the pattern on the coloured side of the cardboard. Make sure to stick both the sides well.


Step 15: Paste the Velcro on the flap side of the purse using a glue gun.


Step 16: Decorate the purse with decorative pearls and laces of your choice. Add on all sides to make it look colourful and decorative. You can also paste the bead on the flap side of the purse for additional glamour.


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There you go! Your colourful handmade purse is ready. Yes, it is extremely simple to make one. Follow the simple above mentioned steps and make a colourful one ready for each occasion!

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