Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand

DIY Bangles Box – Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand Just For You!


Bangles are the favourite accessory of women. Since eras, the beautiful bangles have evolved with new designs, beautiful shades and awesome patterns. Years back, the bangles were stored in some royal boxes or bangle stands. These stands were bangle boxes with a circular comfy handle in between to arrange the bangles. We also have some bangle stands in the cupboards where we can hang the bangles.

Today, we are going to make a super pretty bangle box with reusable things. This is a cool DIY bangles box which can be prepared within few minutes. So let’s start making a fancy bangle box using the bottle and some reusable items.

DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Things You Need To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Bangles Stand

Things You Need For Making Bangle Stand

  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottle
  • Colours and brushes
  • Decorative beads and wires
  • Decorative Tapes
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard roll
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative stones

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Steps You Need To Perform For Making A DIY Bangles Box From Plastic Bottle

Step 1: Prepare the bangles to stand from plastic bottle

Bangle Box DIY

Let’s begin with the empty plastic bottle. Take the bottle and cut it from the middle using a cutter. We will now use the bottom of the bottle. Take the bottle and cut the bottle from the base. You will get a 2-way open plastic bottle.   Now, take a cardboard sheet and place the trimmed bottle on the cardboard and trace the circle with the pencil. Again make a circle and cut both these circles using a cutter.

Step 2: Prepare the sides of bottle using cardboard

DIY Bangle Box Utility Craft

We have made the 2 cardboard circles to close the sides of the plastic bottle. Thus, take the circles and stick both the circles on the sides using glue. Make sure you stick both the ends thoroughly with glue. This is our base prepared for the bangles stand. Now we need to cut the bottle from between to allow it to stand perfectly in the bangle box. Thus, cut the bottle in between. Cut in a way that you get an openable part form the top of the bottle. Remove the entire segment and then, stick one side of this section with a cello tape to the bottle.

Step 3: Prepare the cardboard roll handles

We now need to make the bangle stand using the cardboard roll. Take the roll and 2 stripes of rolls. Take the measurement of the bottle in which you will place the cardboard roll. Stick the strips of cardboard rolls on both the sides of the bottle to easily place the roll in it. Stick the roll stripes on both the sides and let it get dry.

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Step 4: Colour the cardboard stand inner space

DIY Bangle Box

Now it’s time to colour the cardboards and bottle to give it a decorative look. Thus, colour the inner bottle and sides of the bangles holder with pink shade. When the colour is done, place this bottle aside and let it get dry. For the outer decoration of the stand, you will need printed glitter paper. Apply glue on the plastic bottle and cover the complete outer area and stick the pink glitter paper on it. Also, cover the top of the bangles stand with glitter paper and remove the extra pieces.

Step 5: Decorate the stand with pink glitter paper

DIY Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

It’s now time to cover the bangle stand with this glitter paper. Thus, apply some glue and stick the glitter paper on the holder too. Remove the extra part and let it get dry. To decorate the sides of both, the handle as well the bangle stand, use pink glitter paper. On the paper, place the bottle and the cardboard roll and draw 4 circles. Cut the circles and using glue, stick these circles on the sides. With the help of the cutter, trim the extra part from the sides.

Step 6: Decorate the stand with golden ribbon

DIY Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

It’s now time to decorate the bangle stand beautifully. Thus, take a golden ribbon and stick it on the opening end of the stand. Apply glue with the glue gun and start sticking the ribbon. Let it get dry and set properly. Cover the front, sides top of the stand with this ribbon. Also, add this amazing glitter ribbon on the cardboard roll sides. This will give an extraordinary look to the stand.

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Step 7: Prepare the opening and closing clutch of bangles to stand

DIY Bangles Stand

To make a buckled opening and closing, use pink coloured wire. Cut a small part of the pink wire and stick both the ends on the inner top of the box while making holes with a scissor. Also, use glue to stick the wire perfectly. On the base, take the measurement of the wire and stick a huge golden bead which can easily help in opening and close the box. To decorate it furthermore, use golden bead lace and stick it on the top of the box.

Step 8: Decorate and give finishing touch to the stand

Plastic Bottle Bangle Stand

Decorative ready stones look fabulous and thus, get a huge readymade decorative stone and stick it on the top of the box using glue. To give a steady support to the bulging box, we will use huge golden beads. Take the beads and place 2 beads on one side and 2 on the other sides. Using glue, stick all the 4 beads properly which will prevent rolling of the box while you use it.

Bangle Stand From Plastic Bottle

With this, your fancy bangles stand is ready to use!

Try this pretty, decorative and easy to prepare DIY bangles box to place all your bangles, bracelets and accessories easily. This will not only let your bangles get stored perfectly but will also increase the fanciness of your cupboard!

Try your hand at preparing something interesting like this cool bangle stand and share your innovative experiences with us!

Happy crafting!

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