DIY Recycled Organizer – Let’s Make A Cool DIY Plastic Bottle Craft!


We love drinking soft drinks, sodas and juices and our love towards these drinks create a huge stock of plastic bottles in our store room. We throw a huge amount of plastic bottles in the trash every day. Why not make an interesting and unique DIY craft from these waste plastic bottles? There are certain ways sing which, you can make cool plastic bottle crafts and utilize these crafts on daily basis. Today, we are presenting such a cool and useful DIY plastic bottle craft.

So let’s make a cool huge plastic bottle storage craft using the waste plastic bottles!

Things You Need To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Things You Need To Make DIY Organizer

  • Plastic bottle
  • Printed and color sheets
  • Glue gun
  • Packing tape
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Divider tool
  • Ruler
  • Cutter

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Steps You Need To Perform To Make A DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Step 1-

DIY Recycled Organizer

Take a huge plastic bottle and cut the top and bottom part of the bottle using a cutter. Also, make a 1.5-inch measurement and cut the portion with a cutter. Also, remove all the labels from the bottle. Now measure the length of 3cm and cut the bottle again from that marking with a cutter. You will get 2 cylindrical parts of the bottle.

Step 2-

Plastic Bottle Craft

Take the 3-inch plastic bottle ring and the other 1.5-inch small plastic bottle ring and place it on the cardboard. Mark the measurements and cut the cardboard using a cutter. Also, keep a small notch or semicircle shape. We need 2 more circles like this and thus, make the measurements and cut 2 other circles. Also, make an inner circle using a pencil in 2 of the cardboard circles.

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Step 3-

Plastic Bottle DIY Craft

Now paste all the inner and outer circles along with the rings on a printed paper. Stick it using glue and trim the extra portion. All the circles and rings will be decorated with the printed sheets now. We will make a small cut on the thick plastic bottle cut-out using a scissor to fix the notch of the circles. Thus, trim a portion from the plastic, apply glue and stick one ring on the top of the plastic ring. Now, take the 1.5-inch plastic ring and in the bottom of this ring, apply some glue and stick a printed paper ring on the bottom using glue.

Step 4-

Plastic Bottle DIY Organizer

Take a printed circle and stick it on the other side of the thin plastic ring to make a complete lid for the craft. Similarly, seal 2 circles together with the top and bottom part with printed paper. Stick these circles to the thick plastic ring and seal the thick box.  Thus, the top and bottom of the craft are ready. Now, take a small cardboard strip and stick it with the top and bottom of the bottle for easy opening and closing.

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Step 5-

Plastic Bottle Organizer DIY Craft

We now need to cover the outer part of the box with colorful and printed sheets. Thus, take the separate measurements of bottom and the top part of the box with a ruler and cut the strips. Using glue, stick the printed paper sheets to the box.

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DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

Here is your beautiful and colorful storage box ready!

With just 5 easy steps, you can prepare such an interesting and awesome looking storage box. You can store your jewelry, your nail paints and accessories, regular makeup tools and much more in this huge DIY plastic bottle storage box!

Prepare this amazing box and you will be able to store a lot of your things easily.

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