Beautiful Purse Making from Plastic Bottle

Purse Making : How To Make DIY Purse Out Of Plastic Bottle?


Is your daughter fond of using gorgeous purses? Let’s gift her a different purse design on her special day made out of the plastic bottle.

One of the wonderful best out of waste craft idea, making a purse out of plastic bottles is much easier and modest too. As the purse is made from unwanted things easily available at your own home, you don’t have to rush to the market and can make it instantly.

So, are you ready to make this adorable craft? Here we go!

Things You Need

  • Plastic bottle (cold drink bottle)
  • Cardboard
  • Color Sheet
  • Printed Sheet
  • Magnetic hook
  • Cello tape and glue
  • Scissors, cutter and marker


Follow the steps below for purse making :

Step 1 : Take an empty plastic bottle of any cold drink. Take an acrylic color bottle and place a marker on it. Make markings on the plastic bottle with the same marker and cut it using a cutter.

Step 2 : Cut the bottleneck to obtain the center straight part of the bottle. Remove the sticker.

Take an empty plastic bottle

Step 3 : Using scissors or cutter, cut a straight line on the plastic to open the plastic.

Cut the plastic bottle using cutter

Stick the plastic bottle pieces

Step 4 : Take a cardboard and a cello tap roll. Draw 2 circle using the cello tape roll. Cut the circles using a cutter.

Cut the cardboard piece into circles

Step 5 : Place the circle on the edge of the plastic and make a marking. Cut the plastic straight from there with scissors. Now take the color sheet and cover the cardboard circles with it on one side only.

Stick color paper on one side of the cardboard

Step 6 : Take plastic portion from bottle. Join both the plastic parts with a cello tape in the center.

Step 7 : Apply glue on the plastic end and stick the cardboard circle on it such that the color sheet is in the inner side. Similarly, stick the other cardboard circle on the opposite side of the first one. The base of the purse is ready.

Using fevistick, stick the plastic cover as shown

Step 8 : Now take file Cut the center part of the file. Place the purse base in the center and join the parts on the top by folding the cardboard. Draw an arc on the base purse to make a handle. Cut the drawn arc with scissors.

Step 9 : Make an arc to make the handle properly. Cut the arcs to make a handle.

Step 10 : Take a color sheet and stick it in the inner side of the purse handle. Also, cut the handle arcs after sticking the color sheet. Fold the edges on the outer side for perfect finishing.

Step 11 : Now take some printed sheets. Apply glue on the outer side of the purse and stick the printed sheets on it. Again, cut the handle too.

Step 12 : Cut out strips from the color sheet and give the printed sheet a border of the same.

Step 13 : Take the purse base. Apply glue on the end, bottom and border of the base purse and stick it in the center of the printed purse.

Step 14 : Take a magnetic clasp and fix it in the center of the purse on both the sides to make a button.

Isn’t it a beautiful purse! The purse can be given desired colors as per your choice. It can also be taught to the children during craft competitions. The purse requires very less time in designing which is one of the plus points of making this craft.

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