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How to Make DIY Organizer Box with Old Newspapers?


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There are various types of organizers available these days. Practically speaking, you can get an organizer of any shape, size or design. Moreover, these are made up of different materials and available as per your needs. However, have you ever imagined an organizer made up of an old newspaper? Certainly not!

Well, we bring to you an entirely new and freshly designed organizer box which is made out of old newspaper. This is our best out of waste craft that you can use to store your stationery ad makeup goods as well as other tiny stuff.

Things Needed to Make this Newspaper Box

  • Newspaper
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Metal Stick
  • Scissor
  • Thread
  • Cello Tape
  • Mount Board
  • Cardboard
  • Color Sheet


Step 1: Take an old newspaper and fold it multiple times vertically. Now cut out long strips from this.

Step 2: Now take any metal stick and roll the newspaper strip around it. Stick the ends with glue. We need multiple such rolls for our craft.

Make DIY Organizer Box with Old Newspapers

Step 3: Measure 4.5 inches on the rolls and cut it.

How To Make DIY Organizer Box?

Step 4: Take a thread, mark small distances on a mount board. Paste the thread on this board using cello tape.

DIY Organizer Box with Old Newspapers

Step 5: Stick the newspaper rolls on this thread to make a flap design from it. Cut out the excess thread.

How To Make DIY Organizer Box with Newspapers?

Step 6: To make the sides of the box, we will use cardboard. Let’s take cardboard and cut it into 3*4 inches.

Step 7: Draw some markings on the cut-out cardboard piece. Cut along the markings to get the desired shape.

Step 8: Let’s take a color sheet and paste it on the cardboard pieces.

Make DIY Organizer Box with Newspapers

Step 9: Now paste the newspaper roll flap on the cardboard pieces to form the organizer.

DIY Organizer Box

Step 10: Take a button and stick it on the flap which serves as the opening for the organizer.

Make DIY Organizer Box

Wow!! Your unique DIY organizer from an old newspaper is ready.

How to Make DIY Organizer Box with Old Newspapers?

This is an entirely different organizer and it can be made easily at home. Moreover, the materials used in this organizer are often left unattended at home. This is an amazing organizer and you can keep small stuff such as jewelry, cosmetics, stationary inside this organizer.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Do try out this unique newspaper organizer and let us know your experiences and feedback about it in our comments section.

Happy Crafting!

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