Handmade Matchbox Craft

Handmade Matchbox Craft – Easy Wall Hanging For Room Decoration!


The simplicity and appealing look of the wall hangings can simply make any wall look fabulous. These wall hangings can be easily prepared while using some waste items. Using decorative stones, laces and a set of matchboxes, you can make a creative craft. One of such interesting and a cool waste item is matchbox using which we will prepare a beautiful and lavish Handmade Matchbox Craft. So let’s start and prepare a decorative wall hanging for your home.

Handmade Matchbox Craft

Things You Need To Make A Handmade Matchbox Craft

Things You Need to Make Beautiful Wall Hanging

  • Matchboxes
  • Adhesive
  • Scissor
  • Decorative stones and beads
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Golden spray
  • Cardboard
  • Pearls
  • Decorative lace
  • Beads
  • Glitter sheet

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Steps You Need To Follow To Make A Handmade Matchbox Craft

Step 1-

Matchbox Recycled Craft

Let’s start with the matchboxes. Take a matchbox and remove the cover of the matchbox. Bend this cover from the side and press it. Now, take a scissor and cut thin strips from the matchbox cover.

Step 2-

DIY Matchbox Recycled Craft

Cut vertical strips from multiple such matchbox covers. Now, bend the matchbox strip with your fingers from one side and open it up. Again from the second side, press the box and open it. Make a V-shaped design using the strips. Make multiple such shapes from the strip.

Step 3-

Matchbox Wall Hanging Craft

Now take all the matchbox designs and place them on a cardboard sheet. Take the golden spray bottle and shake it well. Spray golden color on the matchbox strips. Cover all the strips and color them golden. Toss and flip the strips for covering the entire strips.

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Step 4-

DIY Matchbox Wall Hanging Craft

Take an ice cream stick and golden beads. Apply some adhesive on the ice cream stick and stick the matchbox designs on the stick one by one. You will be able to accommodate 5 designs on the ice cream stick easily.

Step 5-

It’s time to add the golden beads on the ice cream stick. Thus, between the matchbox designs, fix the golden beads using glue. Take more ice cream sticks and stick these designs on the stick using adhesive.

Step 6-

DIY Matchbox Wall Hanging

Once all the strips are ready we will prepare the base of the design. Take a circular cardboard. Place it on the glitter sheet and trace the circle using a pencil. Cut the sheet using scissors and stick the glitter sheet on the cardboard circle using glue.

Step 7-

Handmade Matchbox Hanging Craft

This base is ready for preparing the wall hanging. Now take a divider tool and using the tool, draw a circle on the glitter sheet. Keep the size of circle smaller than the cardboard circle. In the center of this circle, stick a huge golden stone using adhesive.

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Step 8-

Frame the red stone with pearl chain. Take a pearl chain or separate pearls and stick it around the red stone using glue. Make another layer of bigger pearl chain and stick it using glue. This way, the wall hanging will get an appealing look.

Step 9-

Make a layer of small pearls, then the second layer of big beads and the third layer of small pearls. This will give a very traditional and glorious look to the wall hanging. Keep filling in the beads and pearls of different sizes until you reach the circle you made on the cardboard using a pencil.


Matchbox DIY Wall Hanging

Once you reach the circle, apply glue on the outer portion of the circle and stick the design we made using ice cream stick on the circle. One by one, keep sticking the sticks on the circle. You will b able to place around 10 sticks to the circle.

Step 11-

Wall Hanging Using Matchbox

Once the design is ready, we will use some stones for covering the visible ice cream stick patches. Apply glue to the stick and stick the stones ion it. Also, take some decorative stones and stick these stones between the red stones. Cover the entire design with stones. Now take a ribbon and stick it on the back of the design to prepare a hanging.

With this, the beautiful and decorative wall hanging is ready!

DIY Handmade Matchbox Craft

It is wonderful to witness how the waste items like ice cream sticks and match boxes can help you prepare flawless wall hangings. This is a traditional and pretty wall hanging which you can use for decorating your living room wall!

Did you enjoy making this craft? Don’t forget to share your experience!

Happy crafting!

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