How To Make Earrings And Bracelet Using Drinking Straws?

Drinking Straw Accessories : How To Make Earrings And Bracelet?


All the women are generally obsessed with a different kind of jewellery. From earrings to bracelets, from chains to anklets, there are so many beautiful accessories and jewellery pieces women long for! However, the jewellery today we are presenting is simply rare and gorgeous i.e. Drinking Straw Accessories!

We use the unused items and handy tools which are easily available in our home to make décor items. This time, we have come up with a beautiful combination of jewellery and some kitchen items! A lot of you people must be having some drinking straws in your home. We will simply show you the use of these straws in preparing Drinking Straw Accessories!

Drinking Straw Accessories

Excited to make Drinking Straw Accessories? Here is how you can make amazing earrings and bracelets using the drinking straws!

First, We Will Make A Bracelet Out Of The Drinking Straws

 Things You Need

Things You Need For Bracelet

  • Drinking straws
  • Scissor
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads
  • Hook
  • Jump rings
  • Pearls

Steps To Make The Bracelet

Step 1- Cut the straw into pieces

Bracelet Using Drinking Straws

The main element here is the straws so we will begin with the straws. Take the straws and cut it into tiny pieces. You can choose any elegant straw colour like white or baby pink for a beautiful bracelet. Make multiple small pieces of the same size. Use scissors to make equal partitions. We now need to make the bracelet so take a thread and needle.

Step 2- Stitch the straw and pearls into the thread

DIY Bracelet Using Drinking Straws

Get the thread and needle and insert a pearl at the end. Make a knot to prevent the pearl from falling down. After the pearl, add a straw piece to the thread. Keep the straw piece in a horizontal direction and sew it into the thread with the help of the needle. Keep inserting a pearl and a straw piece until the entire thread gets covered. Stitch carefully while inserting the straw to prevent injuries.

Step 3- Fix the hooks

Bracelet Using Drinking Straws DIY

Once you reach the end, add a small pearl at the end and make a knot with the thread. Now remove the needle and cut the extra thread using the scissors. The bracelet is almost ready. We just need to insert the closing and opening hooks to complete it. Thus, fix the ‘S’ shaped hook at the first end while the jump ring on the other end.

Here is our beautiful bracelet made from straw a pearls ready to use! You can make a similar necklace with straw pieces and can complement it with this bracelet!

Now, We Will Make A Pair Of Beautiful Earrings Using The Straws

Things You Need To Make Trendy Earrings Using Straws

Things You Need For Earrings

  • Different colour straws
  • Scissors
  • Earring hooks
  • Beads
  • Craft wires
  • Jump rings

Steps To Make A Beautiful Pair Of Earrings

Step 1- Trim the straw and make triangles

Earrings Using Drinking Straws DIY

Take the straws and cut it from the centre. Make spilt straw while trimming it from the middle. This way, you will get 1 long open straw. Now we have to make a stunning 3D triangle out of this open straw. For that, fold the straw 4 times into small squares. When you fold it 4 times, fold it into the triangle 2 times and again as a square. When you will open it in the other direction, you will get a triangle formed. Now wrap the entire remaining straw to the triangle formed.

Step 2- Prepare more triangles

Earrings Using Drinking Straws

Keep wrapping the straw to make the triangle more thick and strong. At the end of the straw, you will get a fine thick triangle formed. Seal the remaining end using glue or fix it in the layers of the straw. Make 6-7 such more triangles for the earring.

Step 3- Prepare the earring

Earrings Using Drinking Straws DIY Craft

Now that we have our triangles ready, we will prepare the other earring parts. Take the craft wire and arrange the pearl and triangle in this wire. First, insert the pearl, make a small wrap of the wire to prevent falling and then add the triangle. Follow the pattern of one triangle and one pearl and continue it. Twist the wire and seal it with a small pearl.

Step 4- Give the finishing touch

DIY Earrings Using Drinking Straws

In this small rounded wire, add the jump ring and also add the hook. Similarly, prepare the second earring following the pattern of one small pearl, large pearl, triangle, large pearl, triangle and the small pearl. With this, the beautiful pair of earrings is ready!

DIY Earrings Using Straws

This beautiful pair of earrings and bracelet would look simply stunning! For elegant and soft look, carry these straw made charming accessories and look gorgeous!

You can choose different coloured straws and pearls and use some unique combinations you too can create some special Drinking Straw Accessories. So awaken the creative artist in you and prepare some awesome jewellery using straws!

Don’t forget to share the experience with us!

Happy crafting!

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