How to Make Beautiful Paper Purse for Parties?

How to Make Beautiful Paper Purse for Parties?


The purse is essential for women when you are going to a party. It is an essential accessory as it can hold your basic cosmetics along with cash. Purse definitely grabs the attention of the host and therefore we are always in search of designer purses.

These days there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. It can range from simple purses to elegant ones including the beaded and decorative purses. Most of us have a flair to collect purses and try to blend its color with our party dress.

Ever thought of being a designer yourself? Yes, we are talking about designing your own purse for party purpose. We bring to you an exquisite handmade purse which is not only easy to make but will definitely add sophistication to your party wear as well.

Things Needed To Make Handmade Purse

Things You Need to Make Handmade Purse

  • Colour paper
  • Cardboard
  • Decorative paper
  • Beads
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative pearls and stones
  • Ruler

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Procedure To Make DIY Paper Purse

Step 1-

Handmade Paper Purse

  • Take a rectangular cardboard and mark a distance of 2.5 cm on both the corners. Daw lines joining the marks using a pencil.
  • Use a cutter and run along the lines. Do not cut it; just run the cutters so that it can be folded easily.
  • Draw a round shape at the sides as shown and cut it. Please refer to the URL –

Step 2-

DIY Handmade Purse

  • Take a color paper and draw the outline in a similar fashion as that of a cardboard.
  • Mark the points similar to the cardboard and run the cutter for easy folding.
  • Paste the cardboard on the color sheet.
  • Make small cuts at the corners of the color paper and paste the sides of the paper on the cardboard.
  • Take a decorative paper and draw the outline similar to the color paper and size of the cardboard.
  • Make small cuts at the corner of the decorative paper similar to the color paper.
  • Paste the decorative paper on the cardboard and paste the ends.

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Step 3-

DIY Handmade Paper Purse

  • Take another cardboard and draw a semicircular shape and cut it.
  • We will require two such pieces.
  • Take a color paper and draw same shapes as that of a cardboard.
  • Leave some distance and cut the color paper. We need four such pieces.
  • Take rounded pieces of the cardboard and wrap it using the color paper.
  • Make small cuts and fold it.
  • Paste these shapes on the original cardboard at both ends of it to give it the shape of a purse.

Step 4-

Handmade DIY Paper Purse

  • Take a color paper of dimension 25*18cm.
  • Cut the corners of it into a rounded shape.
  • Place this paper on the inner side of the purse and cover the inner surface completely using the color paper.

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Step 5-

DIY Paper Purse

  • To make the handle of the purse, take a color sheet and draw the markings as shown.
  • Cut along the markings.
  • We need 2 such cardboard pieces and 4 color sheet pieces.
  • Wrap the cardboard pieces using the color pieces.
  • Paste the handle in the middle of the purse.
  • We require two handles which should be fixed at the center on either side of the purse.
  • Paste the Velcro on the flap of the purse on either side. This is to close the purse.

Step 6-

DIY Paper Purse Craft

  • Decorate the purse using beads and pearls.
  • Place the large bead at the center of the purse.
  • Now take the bead string and decorate the purse.
  • To decorate the handle, use large sized stones to complete the look.

Easy DIY Paper Purse

Your paper purse is now ready to use!

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We have made a blue color hand purse. However, you can use other colors as well and decorate the paper purse as per the creativity. The paper purse looks really elegant and is almost equivalent to any designer purse. You can keep your essentials inside the purse and go to the party. You can also gift this hand purse to your relatives and friends. The purse has a very sophisticated look and is best for any occasion. Hope you have enjoyed making this handmade paper purse.

Happy Crafting!!

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