DIY Paper Crafts for Decoration!

DIY Paper Crafts : How to Make Beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Decoration!


Who doesn’t love taking up easy diy paper crafts projects? Making Easy crafts to do at home can sometimes get you to learn how to make a beautiful DIY Floral Craft for Home Decoration. Fun craft activities like this paper craft also gets you to learn easy DIY paper flowers and you can also take up DIY Gift Wrapping projects and make this Floral craft for home decorations as well as a gift for occasions like Birthdays, Mother’s day and even Christmas!

DIY Paper Crafts for Decoration!

Such a useful and easy diy paper crafts are something that you should definitely use as  great ideas for your DIY Home Decor projects.

Material Required to Make DIY Paper Crafts

Decorative kusudama flower

  • Color papers
  • Decorative Paper
  • Decorative Tapes
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Cardboard

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Procedure to Make the Easy DIY Floral Craft Decoration

Step 1-

Begin by taking the yellow paper and cutting out 8 square pieces of paper measuring 7 x 7 cm.

Decorative paper crafts

Step 2-

Take a yellow square paper and fold it diagonally. Fold the side corners inwards to give you a diamond shaped paper with two triangle flaps.

Decorative paper flower

Step 3-

Now fold the two folded flaps outwards to give you two triangles in the corners.

Paper crafts decor

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Step 4-

Open the side triangles and fold to bring the crease in the centre. Glue the two smaller triangles of paper together. This will give you one petal.

Diy crafts for decoration

Step 5-

Repeat the same folding procedure to make 8 similar yellow petals.

Easy paper crafts decor

Step 6-

  • Using the same folding procedure, fold and make 7 pink petals and 6 green colored petals.
  • Take a cardboard strip and paste decorative tape on one edge of it.

Diy easy paper crafts

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Step 7-

Paste the yellow flower by applying glue in the base of the first and the last petal.

Paper diy crafts decor

Step 8-

Add the pink petals one by one on top of the yellow flower followed by the green one.

Paper crafts

Step 9-

  • Pair up the decorative floral craft as a lid on top of any decorative gift box or for any other festive decoration purpose.
  • Place the decorative lid on top of a gift box and your DIY Floral Decoration is ready.

Origami art crafts decor

There is a different and personalised touch about handmade gifts that makes them even more special especially on occasions like Mother’s day or Valentine’s Day. Such DIY Paper crafts are fun art and craft activity for kids too! You can make use of this easy paper crafts for your kid’s school projects are sure to gain him good grades!

So what are you waiting for??? Grab some basic craft supplies and get set to learn how to make a beautiful DIY Floral Decorative Craft for your next DIY Home Decor Project!

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