DIY Kanzashi Flower Using Satin Ribbons

How To Make Beautiful DIY Kanzashi Flower Using Satin Ribbons?


Do you want to flaunt stylish hair accessories? Do you want a matching hair do for every dress attire? You no longer need to rush to shops to find matching hair accessories for every dress you wear. You can easily make beautiful DIY Kanzashi flower using satin ribbons of different colors that will serve as stylish hair accessories.

DIY Kanzashi Flower Hair Accessory

Let’s Make Easy Kanzashi Flower For Hair Accessory!

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Here is how you can make a beautiful satin ribbon kanzashi flower by following some simple procedures. Following are the things you need and a detailed step by step procedure.

Things You Need


  • Satin Ribbons (Pink and white)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Foam sheet
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Decorative stones
  • Glue gun and stick

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Step by Step Procedure To Make DIY Kanzashi Flower

Step 1: Cut the satin ribbon pieces measuring 12 cm in length each. Cut both pink and white satin ribbon pieces of same length.


Step 2: Fold the satin ribbon cut pieces in half and apply glue at the center and paste the halves.


Step 3: Now fold the ribbon piece inversely on the other side. Burn and seal a portion of the folded side.


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Step 4: Join, burn and seal the bottom to get a petal like structure. Similarly repeat the procedure for different colored satin ribbon pieces.


Step 5: Now make a circular cut out from the foam sheet to be used as a base.


Step 6: Paste the white satin petals on the base to get the first layer of the flower.


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Step 7: Similarly arrange the pink satin petals to get the second layer of the flower. Arrange in alternative colorful layers to get a beautiful colored flower.


Step 8: Decorate each petal of the flower with white or colored stones.

Step 9: Your elegant DIY Kanzashi satin ribbon flower is ready.


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There you go! It is very simple to make stylish hair accessories with colorful satin ribbons. You can make as many as you wish and have matching accessories for your hair makeover.

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