Best Out Of Waste Craft Using Old Bangles

Easy Best Out Of Waste Craft Using Old Bangles!


Areas of the living room, balcony, bedroom etc require some decorations for a welcoming and refreshing feel. There are ample of décor items which can be used to decorate these areas. However, if you are a DIY craft lover, you can use some common household items to prepare interesting crafts. One such common waste item is the set of bangles we have in our cupboard. So let’s see best out of waste craft from old bangles.

We all have old bangles in our cupboards that barely witness the daylight and thus, today we are going to make some interesting home décor item using these waste bangles!

Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Things You Need To Prepare The Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Things You Need to Make a Home Decor

  • Cardboard
  • Bangles
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Color papers
  • Quilling strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Decorative stones
  • Scissor
  • Lace
  • Glue gun

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Steps You Need Follow To Prepare The Best Out Of Waste Craft From Old Bangles

Step 1-

Old Bangles Home Decor

Let’s start with the bangles and the cardboard. We will make some interesting pattern on the cardboard using the bangles for preparing the décor item. Thus, take a big cardboard paper and arrange the bangles. On every corner, arrange 2 bangles inline and place 1 bangle on these 2 bangles. Make such a pattern on all the 4 corners of the cardboard.

Step 2-

Remove all the bangles from the cardboard and take a stencil shaped as the bangle arrangement. For this, you can take a cardboard, place the bangles, cut the cardboard in the shape of the design. Place these stencil on the cardboard paper and on all the 4 corners, trace this design.

Step 3-

Now take a ruler and pencil and using them, we will connect all the designs with each other. Start with 2 designs. Place the cardboard in a diamond shape and connect the upper and lower designs while drawing 2 parallel lines. In the same, we, connect the other 2 designs with parallel lines.

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Step 4-

Once the 2 parallel lines are connected, erase the middle portion of the lines using eraser. This will give you a square formation. Now take a cutter and cut the outline of the entire design. You will get a square in centre and bangle designs on the corner!

Step 5-

Home Decor Using Old Bangles

We have a design on white paper and thus, ill need a decorative sheet for this design. Take a color sheet and trace the entire cardboard design on it using a pencil. Cut it with a cutter or scissors and stick it to the original cardboard design using glue. Thoroughly apply the glue on the entire design and let the color sheet stick properly.

Step 6-

DIY Home Decor Using Old Bangles

Once the design is ready with a beautiful color sheet surface, we will arrange the bangles on the design. Stick the bangles on the design similar to the arrangement we made earlier. Using glue, stick all the bangles as per the design on 4 sides of the cardboard.

Step 7-

Old Bangles DIY Craft

Once the design is set, we will start decorating it. Take the decorative stones and stick them one by one on the bangle junctions. Take 2 pink stones and stick them on the side junction of bangles. Take blue stone; stick it on the bottom junction. Now take another blue stone and stick it inside the upper bangle.

Step 8-

Apart from these stones, we will also use small stones for decoration. Take small circular stones and fill the inner portion of the bangles with these stones. This will make the bangles look beautifully filled with decorative and colorful stones.

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Step 9-

Old Bangles Easy DIY Craft

The outer portion is ready. Now we will decorate the inner square of the design. For this, take some quilling strips and make tight coils out of these strips. Apply glue to stick the coils properly. Now take a long plain sheet and using a ruler and cutter, cut some long thin strips from the sheet.

Step 10-

We will make a pattern using these strips. Thus, bend the strip 3 times and make small cuts or fringes on the folded strip using scissors. When you will open the strip, you will get nice small fringes on it.

Step 11-

Old Bangles Easy Home Decor Craft

Now take the small quilling coil and using glue, stick it on the sheet strip we prepared. Roll the strip on the coil and at the end apply glue to stick it properly. Now, open the fringes of the strip with your fingers in a gentle manner.

Step 12-

When the fringes are completely opened, the beautiful quilling coil will be visible. This will look like a beautiful flower. Make such more flowers using different colored strips and quilling coils. We will now cover the design with these pretty flowers.

Step 13-

Old Bangles Home Decor Craft

Rake all the different colored flowers and stick on the inner square of the design. Create a random design using all the colorful flowers and stick them with the design properly. Stick a satin ribbon at the back for hanging the design. Fill the entire design with flowers and with this, the design is ready!

Old Bangles Craft

With this, your beautiful DIY craft is all ready for use!  Hang this design in your living room or bedroom or decorate your balcony garden with this amazing wall design and turn your home into a ravishing designer home.

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