Amazing Card Making Ideas : How To Make DIY Pop-Up Greeting Card!


Step 9: Take a 12 x 12 cm green colour sheet.


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Step 10: Fold the green paper in half and refold it. Then open and fold to get two overlapping triangles make with 4 layers of paper.

Step 11: Draw the shape of a petal of a rounded flower and cut to get a flower.


Step 12: Add detailing to the flower with the help of glitter pen and color pencils.


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Step 13: To make the cover of the card look appealing, use the handmade sheet.

Step 14: Cut out a 22 x 11 cm piece from the handmade sheet.


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Step 15: Paste the folded marbled paper inside the handmade sheet so as that when you open the card the folds of the marbled sheets open and paste the green flower inside the marbled paper. This is how the pop up design is made.


Step 16: Decorate the handmade greeting card with decorative stones and pearl.


Such an amazing Pop-up Card design that gets you to learn fancy folded greeting cards and Love cards to charm your special someone. This handmade easy greeting card is guaranteed to take the receiver by surprise. With the DIY Marbled Sheet and the pretty flower pop-up design this greeting card is sure to grab attention by all!

When was the last handmade greeting card made by you? Flaunt your design with us and you might be surprised to know that we are going to feature you!

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