Halloween Craft Ideas : How to Make Pumpkin Craft for Halloween?


It is the whiff of winters that enters the air and the wildest decoration aspirations of the entire year get fulfilled at Halloween. Carve pumpkins; let the spiders and bats hover around your home and the witch come and go! Skeletons and ghosts fill the atmosphere and fall beckons yummy sweets and delicious dinners. Here we bring for you amazing Halloween Craft Ideas.

Halloween calls for lanterns and the good old Jack O Lantern is the most welcoming decoration you can make in the warmth of your home!

Halloween craft ideas : Pumpkin DIY Paper Craft for Halloween

Let’s Learn Pumpkin DIY Paper Craft for Halloween…

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Looking for Halloween craft ideas? Have a look on step by step video tutorials on How to Make Pumpkin Craft for Halloween!

Material Required for Making Easy Halloween Crafts


  • Color paper
  • Crepe paper
  • Cardboard
  • Craft wire
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Scale
  • Scissors
  • Quilling Strips(optional)

Halloween Craft Ideas : Steps by Step Procedure for Pumpkin Craft

Step 1: Take a relevant color paper (orange) and mark 3cm width using measuring scale and pencil. Cut the 3cm wide long strips, the whole length of the A4 size paper.

Step 2: Cut the number of strips as per the size of craft you want. I have taken two colors (red and orange).


Step 3: Take a thin piece of cardboard. Make a circle on it, and cut the marked portion using scissors. You will need two circular pieces of cardboard of diameter 3cm.

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Step 4: Take the color paper (orange). Cut the same size 4 circular pieces as we have done in step 3.

Step 5: Apply glue on both sides of this circular pieces of cardboard and wrap it into the same size color paper circular pieces.


Step 6: Take a needle and thread.First take a piece of wrapped cardboard and start sewing it from the center.

Step 7: Then take all long strips of color paper and start sewing them one by one from rightmost or the leftmost portion of the length of the stripes.


Step 8: Now don’t cut this thread, do continue with it. Within the same thread, start sewing the next edge of the strips.

Step 9: Just adjust this thread, start to separate out the strips to give them a rib-like look and make the pumpkin curves.


Step 10: For the Leaf- Take a green color paper cut out the leaf.


Step 11:  Now, start sewing it and also apply some glue at the base of the pumpkin, and paste on the top of the pumpkin.

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Step 12: To make a small stem- Take a small square piece of green crepe paper. Make a roll of it. Apply glue and shape into the stem. Give them small trims from one of the bases and stick it to the top of the pumpkin.


Step 13: For making tendrils: Take a green crepe paper and craft wire. You can take the length of your craft wire as per the size of your craft wire, but it is suggested to take at least 15cm.

Step 14: Now, cut the crepe paper as same as the length of craft wire. Apply glue on crepe paper. Wrap this craft wire into it.

Step 15: Take the wrapped craft wire and wrap it around a pencil. You get curled green tendrils.


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Step 16: Fix these tendrils into the stem.


Step 17: Fix some small lighting inside it.

Step 18: Take a black color paper and cut the ‘Halloween Bat’ and ‘Halloween Flying Witch’ shape. Paste and decorate this near you pumpkin craft. You can even hang them all around your house too!



And there you are! Give your home a complete Halloween vibe and feel with this DIY Paper Craft. This Jack O lantern is sure to ward off any kind of ghosts and ghouls and spirits and spook all the trick or treaters! From creepy window decorations to scary and frightening lanterns. Dress up your house with the spirit of halloween craft ideas this season!

Happy Fall!

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