Mango Shaped Jewellery Holder Craft

How to Make a Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer from Cardboard?


Watch making of Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry boxes are a must in every home and is considered to be an extremely essential item for the ladies. These jewelry boxes look very attractive and are mostly used to arrange and hold different types of jewelry in it.

Although different designs of jewelry organizer are easily available in the market, a mango shaped organizer is quite unusual. Here, we are going to make a beautiful mango shaped jewelry organizer from cardboard. You will surely love to make this handmade Jewellery Organizer at your home.

Things Needed

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue Gun
  • Clutch
  • Color Sheet
  • Printed sheet
  • Transparent plastic sheet
  • Bottle Cap


Step 1: Let’s take a cardboard and draw a mango shape outline on it. Cut along this outline.

Step 2: Now measure 3.5 inches on a cardboard and cut out two strips from it.

Step 3: Using hands, fold the cardboard strips to give it a curvy design.

Step 4: Paste this curvy strips on the borders of the mango shaped design.

How to Make a Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer?

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Step 5: Now cut out another mango shape design of the same dimension as that of the first one. This will act as the lid for the box.

Step 6: Draw an inner mango shaped outline on this lid and cut it to get the frame.

Step 7: Fix a clutch on this frame using glue gun.

How to Make Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer?

Step 8: Take color sheet and cover the inner portion of the jewelry organizer with it. Similarly, cover the outer portion as well with color sheet.

Step 9: Now take a printed sheet and paste it on the mango shaped frame.

Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer

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Step 10: Take a transparent plastic sheet and stick it on the cut out portion of the cardboard frame.

Step 11: Cut out two more cardboard pieces and wrap them in color paper. This will be used to make the compartments in the organizer.

Make a Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer From Cardboard

Step 12: Paste the mango shaped frame on the box. This will form the opening of the box.

Step 13: Stick a color paper on the clutch to cover it.

Make a Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer

Step 14: Take a cardboard and draw a circle measuring 3.5 inches’ radius on it. Cut out the circular piece. We need two such circles for the craft.

Step 15: Stick both the circles together and cover it with a color sheet.

Step 16: Cut out small strips of color paper and wrap it around the circles.

Step 17: Let’s take a bottle cap and use colored paper to wrap the sides of it.

Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer From Cardboard

Step 18: Paste the upper portion of the cap on the mango shaped organizer and the lower portion of it on the circle. This serves as the stand for the organizer.

DIY Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer From Cardboard
Wow! Your beautiful DIY mango shaped organizer is now ready.

How to Make a Mango Shaped Jewelry Organizer from Cardboard?

This is a very unique piece of jewelry organizer and can hold lot of stuffs inside it. Also, it can be used to store cosmetics product as well. This acts both as an organizer as well as a decorative item for the home. You can make one such organizer and keep it in your home. Your guests will definitely appreciate you for this beautiful craft.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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