How to Make Easy DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers for Decoration?


Flowers are always chosen as a best way to express any occasion. Be it a wedding, or a dinner, or a casual party at home, flowers say it all. Satin ribbon flowers are a popular method of flower decoration for any occasion. Using satin ribbons give the entire decoration a glossy and shiny appearance. You don’t have to step out to buy those satin ribbon flowers. You can easily make them at home with a few accessories. Following is a step by step procedure to make easy DIY satin ribbon flowers.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers for Decoration

Awesome DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers for Decoration!

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Materials Required

Before looking into a detailed step by step procedure, let us look into the accessories required to make diy satin ribbon flowers. They are


  • Satin Ribbons- 2.5 cm and 5 cm width
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Craft Wires
  • Lighter
  • Glue Gun and Stick
  • Pearls or decorative stone

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Procedure to Make Easy DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers for Decoration

Step 1: Cut the satin ribbon into pieces each measuring 10 cm long. Cut 6 such pieces to form each petal.


Step 2: Fold the ribbon in a pleated pattern lengthwise. Burn and seal both sides of the ribbon using a lighter.

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Step 3: Now clinch the center of the non-pleated side and fold and bring sealed edges on one side. Make all the 6 petals in a similar fashion.


Step 4: Cut another roll of satin ribbon (preferably pink) into 4 cm long satin pieces and burn the loose strands. Fold the ribbon and seal the edges again by burning with a lighter. Make two such folds and trim one corner of the petal using a scissor to get a hole at the center.


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Step 5: By using a glue gun, paste the pink petals in the center of the white petal. Do the same for all the 6 petals.


Step 6: Now arrange the petals, and sew them together using a needle and thread to make a flower.

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Step 7: Cut 2 circles using a foam sheet for the base.


Step 8: Using a glue gun paste the flower on the base for firm support.


Step 9: Mould the craft wire into an “S” shape. Make 2 such “S” shaped wires and insert pearls into the wire through the edges.


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Step 10: Keep the flower upside down and apply glue to the base and paste the pearl craft wires in a criss cross manner. Now paste the second circular base to cover the joint of the craft wires.

Step 11: To add more beauty and elegance, paste a decorative stone at the center of the flower.


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There you go! It is as simple as it sounds. These simple techniques can vary from flower to flower. You can choose various different and vibrant colours of satin ribbons. You can use colourful beads as well instead of pearls. You can also paste several decorative stones on each petal to give it an additional glamour. Follow these simple techniques at home and become an expert at making diy satin ribbon flowers decorations at home.

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