How to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads?


Dahlias are flowers whose beauty blossoms in spring and add the extra décor to your home. They are a perfect addition to your garden and inside your home. Dahlias being beautiful are also extremely expensive to afford. But not to worry, artificial dahlias can be easily made using some simple raw materials at home. Yes, it is possible! DIY Kanzashi Dahlia can be used as table décor, wall décor or accessories. Artificial dahlias are as good looking as the real ones, and extra glamour to your home.

DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower

Let’s See How To Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower With Beads!

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Following are the things you need and a step by step procedure to make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Flower with beads.

Things You Need


  • Satin ribbons (2.5cm wide)- Both white and pink
  • Foam sheet
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Decorative pearls
  • Beads
  • Glue gun and stick

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Step by Step Procedure to Make DIY Kanzashi Dahlia Dahlia With Beads

Step 1: Cut white and pink satin ribbon pieces measuring 6 cm.


Step 2: Fold the ribbon lengthwise and trim the corners diagonally. Burn and join the diagonal side. Pleat and seal the other end down.


Step 3: Similarly make the pleats with the white satin ribbon. Make multiple pink and white petals.


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Step 4: Make a circular cut out using a foam sheet.


Step 5: Paste the 1st layer of petals on the edge of the base using glue.


Step 6: Make 2nd layer on the base using white petals. Add layers in alternating colors.


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Step 7: Decorate the satin ribbon dahlia with pearls and beads. You can add the pearls and beads on the petals.

Step 8: Add a fashionable button at the center of the base. Your satin ribbon dahlia is ready.


There you go! Satin ribbon DIY Kanzashi Dahlia are simple to make and serve as a beautiful decoration at home. Follow these simple steps and decorate your home with colorful dahlias for any occasion.

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