How to Make Easy DIY Fabric Flowers in Just 5 Minutes?


After designing you latest design favourite dress, often you are left over with a number of rags and pieces of fabric. Have you ever given it a thought whether something creative and decorative can be made out if that fabric? Do you have silk cloth and want to make something beautiful with this? I bring for you amazing DIY fabric flowers which are easy to make & give beautiful look to your home decorations.

How to Make DIY Fabric Flowers in Just 5 Minutes?

How to Make DIY Fabric Flowers For Home Decorations?

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Here in our latest DIY craft video you will learn how to make cloth flowers. Follow our step by step procedure for a bunch of cute silk cloth flowers which are very easy to make. It is a perfect DIY craft for you and your kids also!

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Material Required for DIY Fabric FlowersFabric-flowers-diy-craft-material

  • Silk cloth
  • Green crepe paper
  • Artificial leaf
  • Craft wire
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Green tape
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Step by Step Procedure for Making Fabric Flowers

Step 1: Take the red silk cloth and cut the petals of given shape. We need five petals.


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Step 2: Take a needle and thread.

Step 3: Now, start sewing petals as shown above and attach each petal to the previous one.


Step 4: Finally, hold the bottom of all petals together and fix it by using thread.


Step 5: Look at the flower.

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Step 6: Take the craft wire and fix it at the bottom of the flower.


Step 7: Take the green crepe paper and cut the sepals of given shape.


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Step 8: Now, apply glue on the sepals and stick to the bottom of the flower as given above.


Step 9: Take the green leaf.

Step 10: Attach leaf by twisting it with the craft wire.


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Step 11: Take the green tape.

Step 12: Wrap the craft wire by using green tape.


Step 13: Take the pearl.

Step 14: Apply glue at the center of the top of the flower.

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Step 15: Decorate pearls as shown above.


Step 16: Finally, beautiful silk cloth flower is ready.

We have made a DIY craft which are very easy to make. Make it a part of your home decor or your work desk or even your children’s room Try this and share your amazing experience with us!

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