Jute Wall Hanging

DIY Easy Room Décor Jute Wall Hanging – Rope Craft!


We come across number of wall hangings every day. On the internet, while visiting offices, at different homes and everywhere we visualize some interesting wall hangings. There are different types of wall hangings which can suit to your home interior and can even enhance it. One of such beautiful and traditional type of wall hangings is jute wall hanging.

We all have some jute ropes at our home. We can utilize these ropes to create something interesting and unique. Today we are going to prepare an amazing jute wall hanging using these ropes. This wall hanging will simply give a traditional, rustic and classic look to your home!

Jute Wall Hanging

So let’s gear up and try this awesome wall hanging!

Things You Need To Prepare A Jute Wall Hanging

Things You Need For Jute Wall Hanging

  • Jute rope
  • Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Pliers
  • Hooks
  • Chain
  • Cardboard
  • Thermocol sheet
  • Dry glitter
  • Fryums
  • Decorative pearls and stone
  • Golden spray colour

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Steps To Make A Unique Wall Hanging Using Jute

Step 1-

DIY Easy Room Decor

Firstly, we will make the base of the wall hanging. For this we will need a thick cardboard. Take the cardboard and draw a circle on it. Take the measurements with ruler and pencil. Get the divider tool and with the radius of around 4.5cm, draw the circle. We also need to make another circle in this circle. Thus draw another circle with the radius of around 3cm inside the large circle. Now using a cutter cut the inner and outer circle border. This way, you will get a ring.

Step 2-

Room Decor Jute Wall Hanging

We have prepared the ring using a cardboard and thus to give it a thicker base, we will use white thermocol sheet. Take thermocol sheet, place the ring on the paper, apply glue on one side of the ring and stick it to the white paper. Cut the remaining sections using a cutter.

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Step 3-

Easy Room Decor Jute Wall Hanging

Now, we will sue the inner small circle we just trimmed. In the centre of the circle, make a hole. Take a long jute thread and double it. Fold it and make a knot of both the ends. Now weave the strands like a braid. Keep his braided strand aside. Getting back to the circle, apply some glue on the centre of the circle and stick the loose jute string on it. In a spiral way, keep sticking the jute strand. Apply some glue and keep filling the circle with the jute thread until the complete circle is not filled with the thread.

Step 4-

DIY Room Decor Jute Wall Hanging

Once the wrapping is done, take the large ring. We now need to cover this large ring with jute thread. For this, in the centre of the ring, apply some glue and stick the end of the thread. Start wrapping the thread on the ring. Wrap the thread until the complete ring gets filled with the thread.

When it is done, we will fix the small circle into this huge ring. So get some glue, apply it on the sides of the circle and stick it to the large circle. This way, you will get a unique and innovative jute pattern on both the circles!

Step 5-

Jute Wall Hanging

To cover the cardboard base of the small circle, paste the braided jute thread and cover the entire circle with a single layer of jute thread. This will give a finishing touch to the circle. We will not prepare the wooden looking hanger on which we will hang this décor item. Take the rod and take the measurements of the large circle. Fix the hooks using pliers on both the sides

For making the hanging more decorative, we will sue golden shaded chains. Fix these chains in the hooks and prepare the hanging.

Step 6-

DIY Jute Wall Hanging

You also need to fix these chains on the large circle and thus, cut small pieces of chains and with the help of glue, fix the chains on the thermocol sheets. Let the chains penetrate deep into the sheet. Attach these chains with the bottom part of the rod. Join the chains with the hook and our first layer of wall hanging is ready!

Step 7-

DIY Wall Hanging

The wall hanging is incomplete without some amazing chains and décor items hanging below the main wall hanging. So here we start preparing our other chain hangings. For this, take the cardboard and draw a triangle on it. Draw 3 equal sized triangles and cut them with a cutter. We also need to cover these triangles with jute threads.

Step 8-

Jute Wall Hanging DIY Room Decor

Apply some glue on the base of the triangle and start wrapping the jute thread on the triangle. From the base to the top, keep wrapping the thread while applying glue. Stick the end and seal it. Similarly, seal all the triangles with jute threads and let some jute thread remain at the top. This will make the triangles look perfectly awesome and you will get the threads ready to hang the triangles.

Step 9-

Jute Wall Hanging Decor

We will now use some fryums to make the wall hanging more decorative. Thus, take some fryums and colour them. Place the fryums on a white paper and apply some golden colour spray on these fryums. We use spray to colour these fryums to give it a rustic glittery look. Apply the spray and spread some dry golden glitter on the fryums. Let the fryums get dry.

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Step 10-

Jute Wall Hanging DIY Decor

For decorating the jute hanging, take a chain of pearls. Apply some glue surrounding the small circle and paste the pearl chain. Complete the small circle and cut the remaining chain. Now use a huge decorative stone to top the small circle. Stick the stone in the centre of the small circle using glue.

Stick the golden fryums surrounding the small circle which we decorated with a pearl chain. Arrange all the fryums and stick them with glue. Also sick the triangle fryums to the triangle jute hangings we just made!

Step 11-

Jute Hanging DIY Room Decor

Now fix the triangles in the circle. Fix the jute threads in the thermocol and stick it with glue. Keep the length of the jute string small for the middle triangle while for the cornering 2 triangles, keep the threads slight longer!

Frame the base of the triangles with the pearl chain. You can frame the large circle with the pearl chain and make the wall hanging look simply awesome!

Jute Wall Hanging Room Decor DIY

Here is your beautiful rustic and traditional wall hanging ready! Hang this pretty wall hanging in your living room, master bedroom, balcony, entrance or anywhere. The charm and rugged look of this jute wall hanging will simply surprise your guests!

Also, do not forget to share your experience of making such an interesting wall hanging!

Happy crafting!

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