Best Out Of Waste From Old Plastic Ball

Best Out Of Waste From Old Plastic Ball – An Amazing Coin Bag!


We have ample of childhood memories related to plastic balls. Everyone loves to play with the small plastic balls and also have a bunch of them. Apart from playing, the plastic balls can be used in many different ways. If you have few plastic balls at your home, you can prepare interesting best from waste DIY things from it. Today, we are going to make an interesting DIY best out of waste from old plastic ball. Try your hands on preparing an interesting best from the waste craft.

You can use it as a tiny storage in which, you can store little things and make the ball look decorative!

Best Out Of Waste From Old Plastic Ball

So Let’s Start With Collecting The Things

  • Plastic ball/ Rubber ball
  • Jute
  • Glitter paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Glitter paper small heart
  • Beads
  • Cutter
  • Zip
  • Glue gun

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The Steps To Make An Interesting Best Out Of Waste From Old Plastic Ball

Step 1-

Let’s start with the ball. Take the ball and cut it into 2 halves using a cutter. On one of the halves, we need to stick the half portion of the zip. Stick the bottom half of the zip to the bottom half using glue. Seal it perfectly with glue. Now stick the remaining half of the zip with the other half of ball. Let the zip stick properly to both the halves and let it get dry.

Step 2-

To cover the zip, we will use pink glitter paper. Take the glitter paper and draw a line on the paper measuring the size of the zip. Cut it with a cutter. Not cut the zip into two halves and stick it to the bottom and top of the zip separately. Stick the glitter paper properly and cut the remaining portion.

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Step 3-

To decorate and cover the remaining bottom and top portion of the ball, we will use jute. Wrap the jute on the top and bottom of the ball using glue. Stick jute in the bottom and top and let it set properly. With this, the bottom and top of the ball are nicely covered.

Step 4-

To let the ball look more decorative, take a huge button and stick it on the top of the jute using glue. We will decorate the top portion of the ball. Thus, after sticking the button, we will stick the beads. On the glitter pink strips on the zip, stick the decorative beads. Stick a glitter heart on the top glitter strip using glue and give it a perfect finishing touch.

Here is your pretty, decorative and interesting coin bag ready for use! This is such a fancy and glorious coin bag which you can make easily.

Whenever you get some free time, utilize it in making such interesting DIY crafts. This best out of waste will simply help you store the change easily and in a handy way. You can also add some more interesting decorations to this ball and make it look amazing!

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