Wind Chime Making Craft from Old Bangles

How to Make a Unique Wind Chime Craft from Old Bangles?


Watch How to Make Wind Chime Craft at Home!

Wind chimes are a very popular type of craft that makes an excellent home décor. They are very unique kind of wall hanging and looks great. We hang the wind chimes in our drawing rooms so that when wind blows, it produces melodious and pleasant sound. We can buy beautiful wind chimes from market, but in this craft tutorial, we are going to make one unique wind chime/hanging all by ourselves. We are making this handmade wind chime craft from old bangles lying unused at home.

It is a beast out of waste craft that anybody can make at home. It looks great and has a very natural and realistic appearance and can be made in very less time.

Things Needed

  • Bangles
  • Craft Wire
  • Fevibond Glue
  • Artificial Flowers and Leaves
  • Artificial Feathers
  • Beads Lace
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Bird
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Artificial Grass and Flowers


Step 1: Let’s take some old bangles for the craft. Now arrange and paste the bangles using fevibond glue in a particular manner.

Take old bangles to make a craft

Step 2: Also, let’s take craft wire to fix the bangles so that it holds properly. Arrange and fix the bangles to make the base of the craft. Fix all the joints using craft wire.

Wrap old bangles with golden wire to make a craft structure

Step 3: Let’s decorate the craft using artificial flowers. Use craft wire to tie the flowers around the joint portion of the craft for a beautiful look.

Take artificial plastic roses and stick on the bangles

Step 4: Similarly, take some artificial leaves and insert it in between the flowers. Likewise, use some artificial feathers as well to decorate the craft.

Take some artificial leaves and stick on the bangles craft structure

Step 5:Now take a beads lace to make the hanging. Cut out multiple strands of beads lace of equal size to design the hanging for the craft.

Take beaded wire and hang the craft structure

Step 6: Finally tie all the beads lace strands together using craft wire. Now let’s take an artificial bird and make a hole in it. Pass one of the bead chain through it.

Fix some artificial birds on the wind chime craft structure

Step 7: Let’s take ice-cream sticks and paste them together in a cross manner using glue gun. Stick the bird on this ice-cream stick arrangement.

Take Ice-cream sticks and make a base for birds

Step 8:Take some artificial grass and flowers and paste it on the ice-cream stick to give it the appearance of a nest.

Take some artificial plastic grass and flowers to stick on the birds

Wow! Your beautiful DIY wind chime/hanging is now ready.

Your beautiful DIY Wind Chime craft is ready!


This is a very unique craft for decorating your home. This wind chime looks so beautiful and natural that your guests will fall in love with it. It can be easily made at home by using very less and cheap materials. You can hang it anywhere in your home and it will definitely catch the attention of the visitors. It is very unique in its own way and makes a great home décor.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Please do not forget to share your experiences and feedback in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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