DIY Bangle Holder cum Jewellery Organizer made from Waste Cardboard

Lets Watch How to Make this IY BAngle Stand

Arranging jewelry for women is always been a hectic job. Today, we would help you out in arranging your bangles by making an easy to use bangle holder or bangle organizer with cardboard.

Things required to Make this Bangle Stand –

  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard box
  • Cylindrical cardboard (You can obtain it from silver foil rolls or toilet paper roll)
  • Colorful sheet
  • Printed Sheet
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun


Step 1: Firstly, take a cardboard box and cardboard.

Step 2: Take a measurement of 12 inches long and 4 inches broad on the cardboard and cut 3 such side cardboards with a cutter.

Step 3: Draw an inch width line on the edge of the cardboard and mark the center point of it. Then mark two other lines on each side of the central line at a distance of an inch. From the corner of the cardboard to the center line, make an ark. Do the similar with remaining 2 cardboards.

Step 4: Using a cutter, cut down the arks on all 3 cardboards, on one end only.

Step 5: Take another cardboard piece and mark measure 4×4 inches on it and cut off 3 such squares.

Step 6: Now take the cylindrical cardboards and cut a half inch of the ends such that the other cylindrical cardboards are able to enter the ends.

Step 7: Make 6 such cut off circles and cut off some portion of the circles using a cutter as shown in the figure.

Step 8: Divide the arced cardboard sheets into three equal parts making lines on it. Mark an inch lines on the sides too. Cut off the central lines making three squares at equal distances from each other only on one of the side boards.

Step 9: Now take the colorful sheet and cover the 2 side boards.

Step 10: Decorate the inner portions with a printed sheet and cover the inner side using it cutting the edges.

Step 11: Take the cardboard with 3 square cuts is to be covered with only the printed sheet.

Step 12: Now take the three 4×4 inches squares and using the colorful sheet cover all the 3 of them.

Step 13: Now take the cardboard box and cover the inner side using the color paper, while the outer side using the printed paper.

Step 14: Cover the cylindrical cardboards using the colorful paper sheet covering both the ends too.

Step 15: Take the cardboard box and fix the side cardboard with square cuts on one of the ends while the other plain cardboard inside the box at a distance of 4inches.

Step 16: Now take the cut off square pieces and fix them between the two cardboards on the square cuts using glue.

Step 17: On the other end of the box, stick the remaining side cardboard with printed sheets on all sides.

Step 18: Take the cut off U-Shaped circular cardboards and stick them on both the sides of the cardboard such that the open space comes upwards and place the cylindrical cardboards in it.

Your bangle stand is all ready to use. Along with this, the side stands can also be used for placing other accessories.

So, how did you like this homemade bangle stand? Make sure you leave us feedback.

Happy Crafting!


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