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Easy Paper Crafts : How to Make Cool Hyacinth Paper Flower!

Handmade creations and Easy Paper Crafts always bring out the creative side in us. Using one’s imagination can bring out colourful and wonderful results. A bunch of colour paper flowers can enliven an, otherwise boring corner of a house. Let’s create some wonderful coloured paper flowers!

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Here we bring for you step by step tutorial on How to Make Hyacinth Paper Flower.  Let’s see this wonderful & super easy paper crafts making!

Material Required to Make Easy Paper Crafts

  • Adhesive
  • Paper stick
  • Scale
  • Thread
  • Green tape
  • Scissors
  • Color paper
  • Pencil

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Procedure for Making This Hyacinth Paper Flowers

Step 1: Take the coloured paper. Fold it and mark the width of 7cm, and cut it.

Step 2: From the open sides of the folded paper start to cut and make incisions of 3/4th of the width.

Step 3: Start to wrap and curl these cut strips around the paper stick.

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Step 4: Now apply adhesive to the remaining portion of the paper and on the paper stick.

Step 5: Now stick the paper stick at the edge of the paper and start rolling the paper stick in a diagonal direction. This will help in giving different levels for the curls.

Step 6: Secure the end of the rolled paper on the stick with the help of the thread.

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Step 7: Wrap the green tape around the paper stick.

And there!  You have an exuberant bunch of coloured paper flowers ready for your Home Decor! DIY Easy Paper Flower to brighten your day! Keep them in a beautiful vase on yours work desk and work all day with a smile!

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