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Easy Quilling Projects : 5 in 1 Pretty Paper Quilling Earrings!

Ladies, if you are a lover of handmade Quilling jewellery then you are about to fall in love with the beautiful to see and easy to make 5 in 1 Pretty Paper Quilling Earrings. There is a plethora of elegant and pretty paper quilling designs to make paper earrings easy quilling projects that give you the perfect occasion to flaunt off your creativity with designing. Quilling Art requires you to roll and fold quilling paper strips and as a result you get some surprisingly beautiful Quilling earring designs.

How to make a paper quilling wall hanging Step-by-Step! See the tutorial for amazing Quilling wall decor...

If you wish to learn how to make paper quilled earrings and indulge in making paper quilling jewellery with different and unique paper quilling patterns, using paper beads, colourful quilling strips that keep in mind to introduce easy paper quilling jewellery designs for beginners.

Lets us learn how to make simple and pretty paper quilling earrings.

Quilled Earrings : 5 Easy Quilling Projects

1. Embellished Quilling Beehive Earrings

Heard about Quilling Beehive technique used in easy quilling projects???Quilling Beehive is used where you wish to show detailing in design and precision in detailing. If you take up the art of making Quilling Earrings them you are sure to confront learning the beehive technique in quilling art. Quilling beehive can easily be done by learning how to swirl the paper to give it a curly end.

Do not worry if you are looking for heavy and designer paper Quilling earrings because quilled beehive earrings give an amazing and stunning designer look to your quilling earrings design making it the most appropriate Quilling jewellery design for formal occasion like weddings and family functions. Team up this elegant pair of quilling earrings with a heavy dress and you are ready for your event.

Click here to read the article for detail procedure for making Quilled Beehive Earrings…

2. Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings

Start your day on a fresh and energetic note by learning how to make a pair of Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings. Sunflower quilling designs are very easy to learn and make if you get your hands on a proper DIY Sunflower Quilling tutorial. This pair of quirky and refreshing sunflower Design quilling earrings looks amazing if you pair them up with lovely floral summer dressing.

Young girls can adorn these paper Quilled sunflower earrings as a trendy fashion accessory to high school and college. Paper quilling flower design for Paper jewellery are the most opted designs amongst crafters who search for easy quilling projects for beginners.

Quilling paper earrings are quite a fashion statement amongst young women who favour comfortable and stylish jewellery and this summery design of Bright Sunflower Quilling Earrings will surely get you in the fashion news.

3. Romantic Pink & Red Quilling Earrings

Plan a romantic evening with your loved one and add this flirty and feminine pair of Pink and red quilling earrings design. An absolutely intricate design, this pair of easy quilling design for earrings is a superb fashion accessory for girls, and the best choice for women who love comfortable and handmade paper jewellery. Using small closed tight coils and tear drop shaped coils this girly pair of quilling earrings is the ultimate style statement.

Let us have look at a super easy Quilling Earrings Detailed Tutorial!

Quilling earrings designs can be given a touch of your creativity when it comes to adding to the design and changing the look and feel of the quilling patterns used, in order to make it simple and easy to do for quilling art for beginners. These Red and Pink Quilling earrings are the best way to add a touch of drama to your entire look.

4. Stylish Purple And Green Hoop Quilling Earrings

When we talk about high on style Quilling earrings design, Quilled Hoop earrings strike the mind in the first go. DIY Quilled Hoop Earrings lend a vintage look and help you style yourself in a retro way, but with a modern twist. This pair of Quilling Ball Hoop Earrings in a must have paper jewellery item in your closet.

 For detail procedure to making these quilled hoop earrings, please read this article…

Quilled Hoop Earrings are the best when paired with some easy paper quilling earrings designs and in this pair we have added tear drop shaped quilling leaves.  You can mix and match any design of your choice as this design is pretty simple involving only big Quilled hoops with smaller tear drop shaped coils pasted inside. Whenever you find a doubt as to how to make huge hoop earrings with paper quilling, this pair of stunning Quilling earrings will provide you, with just the right solution.

5. Sophisticated Pearl Centred Blue & White Quilling Earrings

Combining the contrast of simplicity and modernity, this elegant and charming Pearl Centred Blue Quilling Earrings makes a very simple and easy use of the shaped marquise coil, which you make in Quilling Art. The shaped marquise coils stands for a feminine yet modern day kind of design and is often used in making Simple, pretty & easy quilling projects.

This pair of double shaded Blue & White Quilling earrings can be made by pasting two different colored quilling strips and can be made using any paper jewellery add on like paper beads. In this case we have used a small pearl in the centre to give a delicate and subtle touch of richness to the otherwise simple Quilling earrings design.

If you want to learn how to make this pretty Quilling Earrings, here is the easy step by step guide…

An easy Do it Yourself craft to do at home, make paper jewellery quilling earrings at home. Pair up these quilling earrings with a pair of denims and you are ready!

So you see friends, with the help of easy quilling earrings designs and easy quilling projects tutorials, you can make a stunning collection of handmade paper Jewellery. Paper quilling project ideas are abundantly available and gives you the perfect platform to showcase your creativity using easy quilling projects and learn paper quilling art in the process.

So go ahead and flaunt your handmade paper quilling earrings with pride.

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